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Clipchamp Tutorial for Windows 11 Video Editing.

Former Windows users may recall Microsoft’s Movie Maker program. This program is no longer available, but fear not: Clipchamp for Windows 11 is here to help you make high-quality movies ready to upload to social media or other websites.

Many people have put off learning how to edit videos because they believe it will be too difficult or costly. Clipchamp helps debunk both of these misconceptions by making video editing easy and accessible to everyone. Here’s the lowdown on how to initiate your first session with this powerful program.

Download Clipchamp

Even though Microsoft now owns the Clipchamp app, the program is not a part of the Windows operating system. As a result, you can manually install the program or click this link (which launches the Clipchamp page on the Microsoft Store and opens in a new tab) to start immediately.

Launching the Microsoft Store app, searching for “Clipchamp,” and then pressing the Get button on the program listing page for the Clipchamp – Video Editor application is the steps you need to do to accomplish this.

Clipchamp tutorial

Because the app is not overly huge, the download shouldn’t take excessive time. After installing it, you can start using Clipchamp by selecting the Open option in the Microsoft Store or the Start menu.

Grant App Permissions

When you launch Clipchamp, you will be prompted to grant permission for the application to access data related to your Microsoft account; click the Yes button to grant permission. You should also grant cookie permission at the bottom of the screen; you have the choice of accepting all cookies, or you can only allow the very minimum required to operate the app.

When you have decided what kind of video you want to make, you can begin customizing the app by selecting the appropriate option. The Personal choice is the one that the vast majority of individuals will choose; nonetheless, you should select the most suitable alternative to your situation.

Link Accounts

Having the ability to upload and share content online is one of the many perks of utilizing Clipchamp. Connecting your other accounts to the app makes this process much more straightforward. Once you open the app, you can select the Connect Now option in the notification banner. You also have the opportunity to click the avatar in the top right corner of the app window to bring up a menu. From there, select Settings from the list of possibilities that display.

After that, you can link Clipchamp to other accounts you have, such as Google, Facebook, or Dropbox, by using one of the many buttons available. There is no limit to the number of connections that can be made.

Adding video

Clicking the plus sign (+) followed by choosing the option to “Record your camera or screen” is yet another option for capturing video from a camera attached to your computer or recording what is happening on the screen.

Creating a Timeline

Clipchamp, like many other video editing programs, allows you to arrange the clips and effects that will ultimately make up your film on a timeline. When you go to the My Media tab, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve added to Clipchamp.

When this window is open, you may start editing by dragging and dropping clips onto the timeline in the right-hand corner of the screen.

You can add clips in whatever order you desire. You can quickly edit them by hovering over the beginning or ending and dragging the handles inwards to remove the extraneous video.

Adding Audio

Including video clips in your project timeline is excellent, but don’t forget the value of music, voiceover, and on-screen Text while making a movie.

You can add Text to the timeline above the video you’re editing, and you can add audio to the timeline below. A video track’s default audio can be muted by clicking the speaker icon to the left of the timeline; adding an external audio file is as easy as clicking Add audio and selecting a file to import.

Adding video

Adding Titles and Other Text

Including title screen text, credits, and other text overlays in a video project can give it a much more polished appearance. Selecting Text from the vertical menu on the left gives you access to various on-screen text layouts, both still and moving.

To see a sneak peek of animation, just mouse over a preview. Once you’ve located a valuable help, click the plus sign to add it to the timeline.

If you don’t like how the sample text looks, you may replace it with your own by double-clicking the block representing the Text on the timeline and typing over the sample text.

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